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Adobe Reader for PC, formerly known simply as Acrobat Reader, is software designed to read, navigate and print documents. All kinds of reference material such as books and manuals that are in PDF format. As we know, the PDF format today is a type of file widely used on the Internet. The office, and at home thanks to one of its best features: We can view a PDF file regardless of the platform we are on.

Adobe Reader For Pc Free

This means that we will be able to view PDF files on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. And any other operating system without altering the original properties of the file's content. We can also consult PDF documents directly from the browser, so there is no need to download an application dedicated exclusively to it.

Adobe Reader for PC

However, the best advantages of the PDF format are lost when viewing a document outside of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Although there are other free alternatives on the market, such as Foxit Reader or NitroPDF, one of the main reasons why Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is currently the most widely used viewer for reading and printing PDF files and digital books, is mainly due to the fact that The Adobe application provides a vast series of functions and options that allow us to carry out practically any editing task with the PDF document before us.

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Most, indeed almost all, of the documents and manuals that we can download from different internet sites are published in the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC format, that is, in the well-known PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This is mainly due to the fact that this type of format can handle any type of content without problems, from text formatted in any typeface and style, to images, Excel tables, Word documents, musical tablatures, and practically anything we can think of.

This flexibility allows the user to make a document in their preferred application, export or print it in PDF format, and distribute it with the confidence that whoever receives it will be able to see it perfectly the same as the original one they just made.

It is for this and many more reasons that the PDF format is the most popular and used for the dissemination of finished documents, since they also offer other features such as small size, always depending on the type of export selected. At this point, when we are about to export a document, for example from Adobe InDesign, we can select that it be exported with an output quality for pre-press printing, which makes it perfectly suitable for making the necessary films for production. of the phytochromes, in case the document is in color.

Adobe Reader For Pc

Likewise, we can select an output quality focused on size, which allows us to distribute the same document via email or the Internet but with a much smaller size, suitable for corrections and others.

Main Features:

As we can see, the flexibility of the PDF format is unsurpassed, and if we add to this the integration with the main browsers, the possibility of annotating documents, improving printing in PCL and Adobe PostScript (R), editing and export of PDF documents to other formats such as Microsoft Word DOCX, support for long documents, integration with Adobe Document Cloud, support for all versions of PostScript (including 3.0), good color management (with support for ICC templates) and full compatibility with all previous versions.

In addition, if we consider that it allows you to play Adobe Flash, Quicktime, and Windows Media files. (audio and video), Read and manage eBooks, extract images from presentations created with Adobe Photoshop Album, and view the different layers in PDF documents created for such purpose. The effect, there is no doubt that we are facing the best alternative for reading and editing PDF files.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If we are still not convinced that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the best tool available for viewing PDF documents. We can still convince ourselves by downloading and installing it from its official site and completely free of charge. From this point on, we will show you the details of how to do it.

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is access the official Adobe Reader DC site, which we can do by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once on the site, we will find a page in which we have three tables. The first one allows us to know if the type of download that the automated system has selected. That is, the type and version of the operating system of our PC are correct, and if not, modify it.

The second box is one of the most important since there we can select that. In addition to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, “McAfee Security Scan Plus” and “True Key ™ by Intel Security” we install. It is good to untick both boxes, especially if we already have security tools installed on the computer.

Step 3

To start with the download and installation, we only have to press the 'Install now' button.

Step 4

On the next page, we can find the instructions necessary to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Step 5

We run File Explorer and navigate to the Downloads folder. There we must find the newly-downloaded file called 'reader dc [xxx] _install.exe' or similar.

Step 6


We execute this file and follow the instructions provided by the system.

Adobe reader for pc offline installer

Adobe Reader For Pc

Step 7

Once the adobe reader for pc installs. The installer will take us to the last page of the system.

From this point on. We will be able to use this fantastic tool that offers so much satisfaction to its users.

The links for adobe reader for pc checked and correspond to the official Adobe site. If anyone gives you problems, please inform us at the bottom of this page so that we can correct it.

Business professionals use Adobe PDFs for countless document types. Personal uses abound as well and could include summer camp forms, job applications, mortgage and home ownership documentation, legal contracts, medical records, etc. People trust and use this file type because a PDF carries a level of professional credibility. The frequency of which people interact with PDFs is the best reason to have an Adobe-specific app. Adobe Reader DC is a free app for Windows, giving you the ability to work with PDFs anywhere, anytime.

What are the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

There’s no wonder Adobe Reader DC is installed on over 600 million devices

With the Adobe Reader DC app, users can open and view PDF documents quickly, search within the document for specific verbiage, scroll through the document, and zoom in and out. Users can interact with the PDF as well by comment directly on the document using drawing tools or sticky notes, highlight text, and view and reply to other comments within the PDF. You can even receive notifications for files you have personally shared or documents shared with you which contain pending actions. Reviewing and signing a PDF has never been easier with Adobe Reader DC’s signature capability. Once you are ready to share your PDF, simply create a customized link and send via email, or collaborate directly within the app.

Adobe Reader DC works seamlessly with other Adobe apps such as Adobe Scan, where users can scan important documents, and work on them within Adobe Reader DC. Within the Reader app, users can view their PDFs in three different modes: fit to screen, continuous scroll, and reflow.

Adobe Reader For Pc Free

It’s important to note that the Adobe Reader DC app for Windows, while convenient and free, has limited PDF capabilities. The ability to edit fields, format documents, etc. is only available with an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The basic Reader DC app is free, with in-app purchases available, including Acrobat Pro DC.

The app is fast, easy to navigate, and makes viewing and annotating PDFs on-the-go much easier. The interface itself is well organized and clean in appearance. The download is very fast, getting Windows users up to speed in no time.


Adobe’s Privacy Policy is similar to that of other large tech companies. Adobe uses personal information to provide users with specialized, targeted websites, apps, and other products or services. They use cookies to track the use of their website and apps. Adobe shares personal information within the Adobe family, outside advertising and sales companies, and third-party companies. Overall, Adobe is a reputable and trustworthy company, with policies in line with industry standards. Users can feel confident downloading and using Adobe products.


Where can you run this program?

Adobe Reader DC is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Reader is a 71.24 MB download. It is available in over 25 languages.

Is there a better alternative?

There are many app alternatives for users with PDF needs. While Acrobat Reader DC is the most common software for this need, other options include Foxit PDF Reader and Nitro PDF.

Our take

Adobe Reader For Pc 32-bit

If you ever find yourself needing to open, view, sign, or share a PDF, the Acrobat Reader DC app for Windows is the way to go. Being of the publisher Adobe itself, it is optimized to open and navigate your important PDFs with ease. Download this app if you need to access PDF documents from your PC.

Adobe Acrobat Download Free Pc Windows 10

Should you download it?

Yes, absolutely! It's a must-have for the average Windows user.