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That is enough to make it one of the best productivity apps for Mac. When it comes to taking notes, few apps can be considered to be better than Evernote. Available for nearly all platforms, it has a plethora of features that make it an excellent choice for improving your Mac productivity. The 10 Best Apps for Mac to Boost Your Productivity Posted by Ali Hassan Mahdi on Sep 07, 2016 in Mac, Mac Apps, Productivity When working on your Mac, you may easily spend a portion of your time on simple tasks that could add up to take a significant amount of your time. If there’s one feature that has been conspicuously missing from Apple’s feature set as. Jul 16, 2019. List of the Best Productivity Apps for your Mac. Ujjwal Kumar. Jun 28, 2016; Shares 0. Mac based computers are one of the best machines to work on. They not only come with all the necessary.

When it comes to Productivity, Mac is a best choice. If you are a 24 x 7 worker and expecting even more productivity in your work then this article is for you. It is a common fact that, smart work is always better than hard work. So it is pretty much important that how smart you work. Especially when it comes to web based businesses, smart way of working is the only solution to increase your productivity. Today I’m going to suggest few applications for Mac OS X to boost your productivity.

Even the applications look simple, it is really powerful when you implement it. It saves a lot of time from your normal way of work mean time the quality of your work increases as well. By using these applications the way of your work will get unique from others and clients will be completely satisfied with your output. So let’s see what are the applications and how it increases your productivity.

TypeIt4Me is a best application for people who works with text. It is a text expanding application for Mac, in which you can predefine the words with abbreviations. So that instead of typing an entire word just type the abbreviations to get that word. Initially it will take some time for you to practice and remember the abbreviations for words but when you expertise with this you can rock. It not only ends with words, you can insert phrases and even pictures for an abbreviation. So you can easily complete your document in a smart way. It is a must have app for people who work most of the time with documents.

1Password is a best application to save your passwords and confidential information across various platforms. For instance, you are having a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Just install 1Password in all these devices and store all your login id and password with the website url. When you open your MacBook or when you work with iPhone or iPad, just login to the 1Password account and browse through all the websites. The application will automatically fill your login id and password when you visit that particular website. Amazing isn’t it ? This application has a very strong master password which will protect all your saved passwords. This is a best productivity app for webmasters and for people who deal with plenty of online accounts.

Mac productivity apps

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Time Sink is a must have application in your Mac OS. It will track all the activities in your Mac and tell you the time you have spent on each application. Sometimes you will feel like you haven’t reached your goal even you have worked for the whole day. This will make you feel bad as well as make you lose the hope on yourself. So time sink will avoid these things and will track where your productivity is being stolen. This application will be very helpful for most of the business people especially who work most of the time in computers. Also time sink will show your work flow for throughout the day and export that graph as a spreadsheet or database file for future reference.

Best Productivity Apps For Macbook Pro

If you are in a team or managing a team then producteev is a must have application on your Mac. It is a perfect application to communicate and share the data. You can manage the team or get updates from the team wherever you are in the world. It supports for multiple platforms and cloud sync. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Web browsers. The application works in offline and easily sync your data when you go online. You can create To-Do’s, send Email, in-built IM for communication and much more. It is a complete productivity tool for managing people.

The keynote is an application from Apple. It is one of the best presentation tools across various platforms. It is available for both iOS and Mac devices. So that you can carry and easy access your presentations anywhere in the world. It has 44 Apple designed themes and 11 inbuilt templates to make your presentations look stunning. It supports for cloud storage and automatically syncs with iWork. The 2D and 3D graph views will give a unique look to your presentations. You can import any type of image files into your presentation also it supports for importing PDF files into your presentation. You can export and view presentations in quick time or even you can export it as an HTML file for web sharing.

These are the five best applications for Mac which boost your productivity by changing the normal way of your work. Try these apps on your Mac and share your experience with us in the comment box. Do let us know if we have missed any of your favorite productivity applications.

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Best productivity apps guarantee best working environment! Have you ever thought how much time do you waste on typing and clicking, organizing files, and trying to find the date? It’s time to put your laptop to work with this list of 15 best productivity apps for Mac.

Best Mac Productivity Apps

Sometimes you don’t need full-screen apps with lots of features to improve your productivity. Instead, have a look at these small tools that do one-two things and make your life easier.

1. Krisp

One of the biggest enemies of every good conference call is background noise. However, there’s a solution for that too.

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Krisp is an easy-to-use but powerful app that recognizes your voice and separates it from extraneous noise next to you, leaving only your clean voice. It’s one of the best productivity apps for Mac that can help you to have better conference calls. You can work from any place that’s convenient for you and don’t worry about the crying baby or airport announcement in the background. Krisp also launched on Appsumo Deals.

2. Magnet

To be productive means having an organized workplace. Magnet app does exactly that – organizes the space on your desktop. This small app allows you to drag windows to show two, three, or four apps side-by-side.

Having multiple windows side by side eliminates the neebad for app switching and enhances your multitasking. Organize your workspace and seamlessly copy the text from one window and paste it into the second one. You can also customize the shortcuts for the app for maximum efficiency.

Price: $1.19

3. Itsycal


Have you ever wondered why your Mac doesn’t show full date on menubar? We have. While we don’t know the exact reason why Mac doesn’t support this function natively, we’ve found a good solution with this nice productivity app.

Itsycal adds a small calendar on your menubar. With it you can always have a brief glance at the whole month, week, your day and even appointments. It integrates with your macOS calendar and reminders, and you can modify the appearance if you wish too.

Price: Free

4. Flux

Sometimes you have to work during night or in place with bad lighting. For these situations use Flux – productivity app for Mac that changes the brightness and color temperature of your display. It matches them with the time of the day, so you call work better and feel less tired.

Price: Free

5. SelfControl

Best Productivity Apps Mac 2016 Reviews

If you can’t resist the urge to check your Facebook, Twitter or any other website you stick for hours – this tool is for you. SelfControl app helps us to save us from meaningless waste of time of these websites.

Simply add the websites which distract you from your work, set the timer and turn it on. The app will block the mentioned sites for the specified time.

The best part is that even if you reboot your Mac, you can’t turn off the application until the timer’s up. So if your “selfcontrol” is not enough, use this small tool to be more productive with your time.

Price: Free

Best Mac Productivity Apps – Useful Tools

1. OmniFocus 3

This productivity app is all about managing your tasks. OmniFocus has a clean interface and every feature you need to get stuff done. And its sleek design is simply a perfect match for your Mac.

Add all your projects, to-do lists into OmniFocus and track all details like dates, notes, files attachments. Also you can easily synchronize between your iPhone or iPad. Free up your mind from storing all your tasks and enemies of every good conference call.

2. Bear

One of mac productivity apps in this list is called Bear. It’s a beautiful and flexible note-taking app. It has all functions that you’ve wished the pre-installed Notes on Mac would had.

With Bear it’s super easy to jot down your notes on the go. Write prose and outlines, create to-do lists and reminders for yourself, and many more. The best part is that many functions of Bear are free and you can enjoy all the perks without spending much.

Price: Free ($1.49 monthly)

3. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac is a lifesaver for your Mac. It combines many optimization tools in single app. Monitor the performance, remove malware and clean up your macOS.

This is a must-have app for any Mac user if you want your device to be healthy. And you want it, right?

Best productivity apps mac 2016 torrent

Price: One year subscription costs $49.95

4. Alfred

Alfred brings productivity to your fingerprints! This app for macOS boosts your efficiency by helping you search your computer and web with great speed.

You can use Alfred for multiple things. It allows you to open things, search for things, define and time them, easily calculate things and expand tests, contact people and manage clipboard and so much more. Definitely give Alfred a try and experience its possibilities.

Price: Free

5. 1Password

Have you ever forgotten your password? Now you really forget your passwords as 1Password will remember all of them for you. Using 1Password is super simple: just save your passwords and login to websites with a single click.

Besides, if you often have a hard time thinking of new and unique passwords – worry no more. 1Passwords has your back and it will create a strong password instead of you and sync between your devices.

Price: $2.99 monthly

Best Mac productivity apps – Utilities

1. Bartender 3

Have you ever wanted to organize the apps on menu bar? Now you can!

With Bartender 2 you can easily rearrange apps on your menu bar, hide them and even move to separate Bartender Bar. Give it a try and find out multiple variations of your menu bar.

Price: $15

2. AppCleaner

This small productivity app allows you to safely uninstall unwanted apps from your computer. As you know any time you install an application dozens of files are distributed throughout your System. Besides taking up much space, they leave traces which are hard to find with custom tools.

That’s why you need AppCleaner to clean up the mess and delete all traces of unwanted apps from your device.

Price: Free

3. Things

You definitely have a lot of things, right? Add one more “thing” to your list – Things app. This is a small and easy-to-use task manager which makes you truly productive.

If you’re tired of all big apps with dozens of features (most of which you don’t need), then Things is your choice. Give it a try!

Price: $49.99

4. MalwareBytes

Don’t believe people who say that you don’t need a anti-malware program on your Mac. While, there might not be a need for heavy-weight and cumbersome applications, Malware Bytes is all you need.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans your computer, finds and removes code that lowers system performance or destroys your system. If your Mac is running slow and annoying adware and pop-ups keep coming, definitely install this app and revive your Mac.

Price: Free

5. Gemini 2

Sometimes you can’t find the exact file you need, but often times it turns out you have multiples of the same file. Finding and removing every duplicate file seems like a redundant task. That’s what Gemini is for!

Forget about the problem of duplicate files with Gemini. It spots duplicates and similar files, sees how they’re different and deletes the ones you don’t need. Gemini is smart and it learns all the time to improve the process. Sounds amazing, right? Get yourself mac productivity apps like Gemini and free up tons of space on your Mac.

Price: Free

Mac Productivity Apps Bonus: Email Analytics

This app is one of those mac productivity apps that will help you keep in track of and visualize your team’s email activity. It is private and secure and will let you to monitor and measure the email productivity of your team and other employees.

Email Analytics provides an opportunity to segment the teams which you need to monitor, and compare their analytics data to rule out the top performing members. You can see the analytics in real-time and the reports are updated frequently to ensure you get the most precise results.

Free Productivity Apps

This is great for boosting your and your team’s productivity in the long run, so give it a try on your Mac. There’s a 14 day trial after which you will have to pay $15 per mailbox a month.

By now you should already have your Mac ready to took off and allow you to be your most productive self. Let us know in the comments which Mac app is your favorite!