Bitdefender 2019 Download


4.18.USBImmunizer.161 5.Systemoptimization.162. Bitdefender is a global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems in more than 150 countries. Since 2001, Bitdefender innovation has consistently delivered award-winning security products and threat intelligence for people, homes, businesses and their devices, networks and cloud services.

Bitdefender 2019 Download

Bitdefender is an Antivirus solution which works with firewall, anti-ransomware, antispam password manager, vulnerability scanner, parental control, autopilot, intrusion detection, and a lot more functions. The products by Bitdefender have always worked at the front to ensure the security of the computer systems and have always come forward as best in the market with their great results on the majority of the virus protection tests.

The latest version of Bitdefender provides three option of editors including Antivirus Plus, Total Security and Internet Security. Antivirus Plus is most suitable for the regular day to day computer users. Internet security suite works for the online security of users with Antivirus plus features along with the addition of more powerful features designed for ultimate security on the internet. Total security is an all-inclusive suite which has all the advantages of Antivirus plus and internet security suite.


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The main window of Bitdefender’s latest version of Total Security is now very much bright and appealing and very easy to understand. When you first install the suite, it offers some handy recommendations via its AutoPilot feature. Users can easily launch quick scans, activate SafePay which is a security feature for banking and other transactions, open VPN service and can also install the Internet Security on their other devices. All this can be done on the main dashboard of the suite. Along with all these options, users can add a “quick action” as well in this menu which enables them to pin the frequently used features on the dashboard and access them easily. Just below the dashboard, users can find the 3 important pages on the left side.

The 3 pages are Privacy, Protection, and Utilities. While these are also accessible on Antivirus Plus suite but the Total Security suite has all the features to provide ultimate protection and privacy while in Antivirus Plus few features are greeted out i-e they are not active in the suite. One of the best feature if this security suite is Parent Control which allows you to manage the security and usage level for the children who use your computer. Parental Control feature allows the users to manage and control the profiles for every child who uses the computer because the application supports an unlimited quantity of profiles.

The features enforce security results through local clients on a wide array of operating systems including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Elders can also manage and control the screen time which is appropriate for the children using the computer and can also block the internet content that they deem inappropriate for the children so the children can get engage in the safe and healthy browsing experience. Bitdefender Total Security is well equipped to deal with ransomware as well. Ransomware Remediation feature is one of the key novelties for Total security’s latest version which is a protective layer for all the personal documents that users may have on their systems. The application detects, removes and repels the threats on the internet through its network-based adaptive protection layers.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 Download

It can be summed up that, Bitdefender Total Security is an amazing security suite for all the members. It leaves behind its other competing antivirus suites with lots of innovative features. It provides everything that a user can expect from high profile antivirus solutions, with the additional benefits of parental control and unique features including file shredding, file encryption, webcam protection, etc.


  • The best security to fight all kinds of online threats on Windows PCs.
  • Multi-layered ransomware protection for the safety of your files.
  • Blocks even the most sophisticated online attacks.
  • Secure VPN to provide fast, safe and anonymous browsing experience.
  • Advanced parental controls.
  • Minimal impact on the performance of the host system and its battery life.