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Over the years, Apple has provided their Macs with more and more great applications that, for most people at least, have truly made them a seamless experience that works right out of the box.

However, if you really want to make the most of your Mac, nothing stops you from hunting around for some more apps. This is what we’ve done – and we’ve found for you three applications that are not only great, but that are actually free and ready for you to download.

Let’s take a look at each of them. You’ll definitely find one you like.

1. Notational Velocity

Trying to describe Notational Velocity as a simple note-taking app for Mac would be a great understatement. Of course, you can use it as the simplest notes app and be perfectly happy with it, but in fact, this free, open-source application packs a lot of features that make it an extremely helpful tool for productivity geeks as well.

The app shows its streamlined looks from the moment you open it. A simple two-panel window lists your notes on the top and the content of the note selected below (you can change this view on the menu bar).

You create notes just by typing a title on the search field, which of course, serves to search across all your notes as well.

Notational Velocity comes with plenty of customization options, allowing you to choose the color of the font, the background, and much more.

While this is very appealing, the two main features of Notational Velocity are the ability to navigate your way throughout it using only the keyboard and its quite extensive External Access. The first feature becomes obvious the moment you see the great number of keyboard shortcuts the app supports (some of them shown below).

As for the second feature, the app syncs seamlessly with services such as Dropbox, as well as with apps like PlainText, Elements, iA Writer, and more, allowing you to use your favorite smartphone application without worries.

2. f.lux

While it might seem overly simple, f.lux actually solves quite an annoying issue. The free app adjusts both your Mac’s display brightness and color tone automatically to make it easier on the eyes depending on the time of the day.

During the day your Mac’s display might be okay for you, but if you just woke up or if you are working late at night in the dark, it can be too bright and hurt your eyes.

Once you download and open the app, it will ask you to use your location. This will let it adjust your screen automatically depending on the time of day.


The effect is quite pleasing, and you can customize it if you don’t like the default tones and colors. You can also set the time that you wake up and your bedtime if you prefer not to use your location’s times as reference.

Cool Free Apps For Mac

3. NameChanger

NameChanger is one of those applications that you wish you had found sooner.

Just as its name implies, NameChanger allows you to change the names of batches of files on your Mac fast and without complications.

It is surprisingly easy and intuitive in fact, which speaks volumes of how well-designed the app is. You simply open it, drop the files you want to rename inside it, then select the type of renaming that you would like and click on the Run/Play button.

Even better, NameChanger allows you to rename files in various ways, be it sequentially, by appending characters and more.

And there you have them. Three simple tools that can really improve the way you work with your Mac. And all of them for free. Get downloading!

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