Downloading Pictures From Iphone

  1. Solution 3: Transfer iPhone X photos to computer via Syncios iPhone Manager. Syncios iPhone Manager is a free and helpful iOS device manager, which helps you sync all types of files between your computer and your device. With this handy manager program, we can easily preview and transfer photos on computer no matter your computer system is.
  2. Photos App to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Windows 10. The default Photos app in Windows 10 can be used to transfer photos easily. You can even do batches transfer of photos from your iPhone. Steps are as follows: Connect your iPhone to PC using a USB cable. Search “Photos” from the Start menu and open it.

Downloading Pictures From Iphone

May 04, 2020. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with AnyTrans. You know you can get many ways. Jun 01, 2020.

Downloading Pictures From IphoneDownloading

Downloading Pictures From Iphone 5

It might be that one of the files is corrupt. Can you create a ZIP file from that folder or does also give you the error?

Downloading Pictures From Iphone

If that does not work:


Downloading Pictures From Iphone To Flash Drive

  1. Enable iCloud Photo Library (iCloud Photo Library - Apple Support) and download photos using iCloud for Windows (Download iCloud for Windows - Apple Support) or via
  2. Copy the pictures in smaller batches, like 20 pictures at a time, to see which one in particular is failing
  3. Enable View Hidden Files in Windows, make sure you are copying only the pictures, not the entire folder or any hidden file

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While trying to import photos and video from your iPhone onto your PC, I kept getting an error message. I would go to This PC/AppleiPhone/DCIM and locate the media I wanted to import. Then I would attempt to copy and paste the media into a folder on the desktop. I got the error message 'Device is unreachable.' I was able to fix this problem by simply changing a setting on my iPhone. If you have the same problem, go to Settings/Photos and scroll down to 'Transfer to Mac or PC.' 'Keep Originals' should be checked, not 'Automatic.' Simply changing this setting solved my problem.

Downloading Pictures From Iphone To Computer Windows 7

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