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Jan 11, 2020. Microsoft Word Free Download Latest Version 2018 Uploaded. Microsoft Word Free Download is a word processing program. I mean, it is a program where we can do our writing and note-taking operations in digital environment. We are develop to able to do this in a practical and healthy way. Microsoft Word 2013 is an edition of the company's well-known and widely used word processor. This version includes several features that weren't present in previous versions, like reading mode, which allows you to arrange text in columns and reduce the number of menus for easier on-screen reading.

Microsoft Word 2016 is one of the most reliable, powerful, and feature rich word processors around, and while it's since been replaced by Word 2019, it still offers most of the functionality modern professionals need. For most people, Word needs no introduction. It's been a reliable standard on the Windows operating system for decades, and it's regarded by many as the benchmark by which all other word processing platforms are judged. But as free and cheap competitors came to the market, Word was starting to lag behind in terms of relevance. Fortunately, the 2016 is a return to form, bringing with it some smart updates and features that make it worth checking out by lapsed customers.

But just because Word has seen a significant update doesn't mean that veteran users will have to learn a new interface. In practical everyday terms, this is the same old Word. The menus and navigation interface are functionally the same, and you can expect to be able to find functions exactly where you remember them to be and rely on the old trusted keyboard shortcuts that have been a part of the product for years. But learning how to more efficiently use the platform is easier than ever before. A new search tool gives users the ability to quickly look up all the available commands. There's also improved protections built in to avoid data loss.

The ribbon was a controversial addition to the Office interface when it was first introduced, but it's since become a hallmark of the Word experience, and it works as well as ever. By condensing the most common tools that you're likely to use in a small but accessible menu bar, the ribbon gives more real estate to the document you're writing while allowing you to reach a variety of tools without having to dig deeply into menus.

Microsoft newest version of Office Suite, offering a more refined version of Word. Type, edit and publish documents on Word 2019, the latest word processor by Microsoft. The published has improved this product’s features, but it remains similar to its original layout.

But the big changes are reserved for collaboration. Word has always worked best as part of the largest Microsoft Office ecosystem, but Word 2016 brings this to a whole new level. Integration with the various components of the Office suite are tighter than everything before, and a major shift towards cloud based sharing has changed the way that professionals can use Word in some pretty major ways. Through the use of OneDrive, users can quickly share their Word documents with anyone they've given the proper privileges. But that's not the only way you can share files. Through integration with Outlook, you can attach a document via email and allow your recipients to go in and edit it at their discretion. An additional commenting feature allows you to mark up documents without changing their basic content. In short, Microsoft has paired Word with the sorts of functionality available through their Google cloud suite. Combine that with the polished and refined features at the heart of Word, and you have one of the finest word processing applications around.


  • Builds off the framework of one of the strongest word processors on the market
  • Brings a whole wealth of new sharing and collaboration options


  • More expensive than many of its competitors
  • Outdated since the release of Word 2019

Microsoft word download is a Word Processing program that was first released by Microsoft in 1983. Since that time, Microsoft has discharged a wealth of upgraded variants of the Microsoft word free download. It comes in package Microsoft office free download.

Microsoft Word Free Download for Window

Microsoft word free download 2010 each offering a bigger number of features and joining preferred innovation over the one preceding it. Otherwise called, “WinWord”, and (most normally) simply “Word”,

Microsoft Word is a lead Microsoft item, found in schools and workplaces over the world, Microsoft word 2007 free download has renditions for both Microsoft word download for Mac and Microsoft word download for Windows PC The most current electronic adaptation of Microsoft Word is Office 365, yet the product form of Microsoft Office 2019 incorporates Word 2019.

Features of Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word Free Download For Windows 10 2016

As you may have accumulated at this point, portraying Microsoft word free download filehippo as “highlight rich” is a great deal like stating Bill Gates is “well off” – a criminally deceptive modest representation of the truth. A comprehensive rundown of highlights is sadly past the extent of any single article, anyway significant increments which have advanced into the most recent adaptations include:

  • the ability to “transform” documents into cross-device compatible Microsoft Sway web pages
  • built-in add-in store that allows a user to use third party services
  • built-in dictation functionality
  • language translation
  • LinkedIn integration
  • integration with Microsoft’s cloud storage facility
  • AutoSave option to make sure you never lose your work
  • Free Grammarly download for word
  • exporting to PDF and XPS documents
  • easy access to more professional templates
  • allows you to create your own document templates
  • customizable styles
  • change tracking features
  • macros

What is Microsoft Word used for?

Microsoft Word free download for windows 7 filehippo enables its users to make proficient class documents, reports, letters, and list of references. In contrast to a plain word processor, Microsoft Word has highlights including spell check, language structure check, content and textual style designing, HTML support, picture support, propelled page format, and that’s just the beginning for MS word download free. full version 2007 filehippo.

Different type of files Microsoft Word can create and open:

Early forms of Microsoft Word fundamentally made and utilized the .doc document expansion, while more current renditions of Word make and utilize the .docx record augmentation Grammarly for Microsoft word free download windows 10.

The current edition of Microsoft Word can make and open the following types of files:

  • .doc, .docm, .docx
  • .dot, .dotm, .dotx
  • .htm, .html
  • .mht, .mhtml
  • .odt
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .wps
  • .xps
  • .xml

Different Versions of Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word Free Download For Windows 7

Here are the different versions of Microsoft Word released till date:

  • Microsoft Word 365 Included in Office 365
  • limited edition of Word Online is free.
  • Microsoft Word 2019 free download is existing in Office 2019
  • Microsoft Word 2016 free download is existing in Office 2016
  • Microsoft Word 2013 free download was included in Office 2013
  • Microsoft Word 2010 free download was included in Office 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2007 free download was available with Office 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2003 free download was available with Office 2003
  • Microsoft Word 2002 free download was available in Office XP

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